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Upcoming Board of Education Elections

The current School Board will serve until the next school election in November 2016.  In November 2016, an election will be held to fill four positions, which will be six-year positions starting January 2017.

  It is the mission of the Arenac Eastern School District to assist students in their quest to demonstrate proficiency in life skills by providing a balanced curriculum that includes instruction in academic, social, emotional, physical and thinking skills.


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School News

2015 Surveys

Please take some time to fill out our 2015 Surveys. 

The information provided by these surveys will be used in our School Improvment Plan to help better our staff, our students,  and our community.

Student Survey 

Parent Survey


Upcoming - The Last Day of School ! - May 29th

We wish all of our staff and students a happy and safe summer vacation.

Students will be released at 12:00pm. 

See you in the fall. 

Upcoming - Field Day - May 28th
Our elementary will enjoy a day of outdoor fun doing their annual kickball tournament, tug-of-war competition, and many other events.
Upcoming - Eagle Awards - May 27th
Join us at 2:15 as we honor our elementary students for their academic achievement.
Teen Summit

A Team-Building Carnival

Our students recently celebrated their Teen Summit.  This year, our 7 - 12th grade students were placed into 12 groups.  With a variety of ages in each group, our students had to learn how to work together as a team to piece together word puzzles, build shapes out of plastic straws, and much more.

Website Updates

Website Under Construction

Our technology teacher, Mrs. Meyer-Mac Donald, will be making several changes and updates to the school's website.  Should you encounter any problems with the website, or if you have any suggestions, please contact her at